Darby has been writing for Odyssey Online since December of 2018. Odyssey Online is an online media company that uses a crowd source model to gather content. Content creators include college students from across the nation. You can find Darby’s pieces below:

Darby has been on staff of TEA Literary Magazine, UF’s oldest literary magazine, since July of 2018. She became prose editor in February of 2019. In addition to being prose editor, Darby is also a staff writer, as of October 2018, for the magazine. As a staff writer, Darby meets with some of UF’s finest artists to interview them and write short “spotlights” for them. Here are links to her pieces:

Darby has been on staff at TEA Literary & Arts Magazine since July of 2018. She and her team members have been curating gorgeous undergraduate art and literary pieces from students at the University of Florida. TEA XXI launched on April 5, 2019. See the gorgeous publication they assembled below: