University of Florida Course Resources

Below are some resources that I have curated over my time here at the University of Florida. While they are open to the public, these resources have been gathered from courses I have taken as a student. Feel free to browse through the list and find something helpful. I am going to be building upon this list as I progress through courses here.

This may be one of my favorite resources that I have used during semesters here. Using an assignment tracker on Excel or Google Sheets has helped me stay on top of things, remember deadlines, and get ahead on other assignments. It is a good way to visualize what you have to do over the course of a semester. I have included a template file so you can make your own tracker. Conditional formatting is used for course name and progress. I hope you find this helpful! Because of WordPress’ supported file types, I have made this a shareable document that you can access here. Just be sure to “Make a Copy” so others can use it as well.

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